Hi, I'm Flowyan and this is my website.

I host several of my personal projects and stuff that I'm currently working on.

Some things that I have on here currently is a media website with funny pictures, a website for my friend group and more.

Also this website is still a work in progress.


Here's a list of some stuff I made. Some of it's useful, some of it's not.

> This website (crazy i know)

Yeah, I made this website. It's pretty cool. I coded most of it, sometimes using Bootstrap for margins so I can space stuff out easily. The fonts I use are Alagard for the titles, except the main title, and Pixellari for the normal text and main title. I'm still not sure if I'm going to stick with these fonts as they might be harder to read than some other fonts.

> Grade calculator

My grades calculator is a tool that I made to calculate my grades to see if I'm going to fail or not. It's pretty simple, you just enter your grades with weights and it calculates your average grade. Our school grading system uses percentages and weights, so it's only useful for that.

> Maxwell in Minecraft mod

I made a mod for Minecraft that adds Maxwell the cat. This was when it was really popular so I literally hopped on the hype train and got like 3K downloads lol. You can check out the source code right here.

> Discord bot in C# (currently private)

My Discord bot that is coded in C# using Discord.NET. It's currently private and probably will stay like that for some time. It's a Discord bot mostly made for me and my friend group to mess about with. It's got a basic leveling system, connected to a MySQL database, has some item and inventory features and I plan to connect to a web interface, where you could see your money, items and etc.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE (of this website)

I have a couple of ideas what to add to this website.

  • Different fonts, as I want more readable text
  • Better background. As much as I like this background, I want to see if I can find a better one
  • Maybe a blog, though idk if anyone would read it haha
  • A history page of my old websites
  • Add what music I like to about me

now playing:







idk what to put here

any ideas?

then contact me on like discord or smthing idk lol