I want to say my special thanks to these people.

Either these people, or websites have inspired me or I have used some of their stuff.


I wanna say that I am not affiliated with PSY or Gangnam Style, I just like his songs, of course mainly Gangnam Style and all the other classics like Daddy or Gentleman. Though That That was a banger and his older songs are really growing on me.

> old looking websites

I know this is a dumb one to put here, but these old looking websites look really nice when you put a lot of effort in them. I have browsed neocities for hours and hours and the amount of effort that people put in their websites, while looking silly and like they were made in the 90s or 2000s, is really amazing.

> Tiled background from

Specifically this space/stars one they have. All of them are very nice but this one was the nicest looking one to me.

This is a website that I randomly found on r/place. I was curious because it had a .dev like my website does, so I went to check it out and was blown away by this website. Not only does it look amazing, but I noticed that you can see other people's cursors while on the website. It also featured a chat which was cool. I later dug more in and found out that the person has made some other cool stuff like an extension that brings back old twitter from 2015. After seeing this website I decided I finally wanted to make my website look like an old website, I still don't know if there is a proper term for these websites haha.

Overall this website has been a huge inspiration to me.

> The fonts

I legit search pixel or retro fonts on Google and found them on like dafont I think. But I'll be honest I don't really know if I'll be sticking with these. They feel kind of hard to read imo.

The fonts are: Alagard and Pixellari