I guess you want to know a little bit more about me.

> I like to code

I've been coding since I was like 14, but that was in Python and I was only making a simple Python Discord bot.

Later on I decided to go to an IT school, and started coding a lot since then. I learnt Java there, but I know C# some Python and know how to make websites :D

> So what's my favorite programming language?

Currently it has to be C# just because I'm using it more than Java. Though I love Java through and through just because of me learning it in school. Also making Minecraft mods is quite fun. I would like to make an actual good, high effort Minecraft mod.

> What browser do I use?

I started with Chrome, probably like most people. However I switched to Brave after a friend recommended it to me. I have then used Brave for like 5 years I think? and decided it's time for a change and started using Firefox. Not gonna lie, Firefox is quite nice. It's quite nostalgic to me, as my grandpa uses it and has been using it for decades now.

> I'm Czech

Born in the beautiful Czech Republic, or Czechia. Yeah.

> I'm an epic gaming prodigy

Absolute professional at video games, here's my Steam if you wanna check it out.